Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy can provide numerous benefits including improving and maintaining overall health and wellness. It relaxes tight muscle tissue, which can lead to a decrease in nerve and joint compression and range of motion. This can help to relieve and/or eliminate your aches and pains. Our Registered Massage Therapist at our clinic in Red Deer currently offers Traditional Swedish Massage, Therapeutic, Deep Tissue, and Prenatal massage techniques.

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Traditional Swedish massage is the foundation of most massages; it is best known for basic stroke techniques such as Effleurage, Petrissage, Friction and Tapotement. Your therapist will use long, soft gliding strokes that will contour the body. Swedish massage strokes help to increase circulation and promote a state of relaxation.



Therapeutic massage is used for both relaxation as well as corrective massage. The massage therapist puts the client in a relaxed state while working out some of the muscle issues you may be experiencing. This type of massage is used to relieve pain and maintain the wellness of muscles.



One trouble area is mainly focused on during a deep tissue massage. Sustained pressure and deep, slow strokes are used by the therapist. Deep tissue massage helps to break up scar tissue that can form after an injury or strain, which can help promote healing, increased range of motion and general wellness of your muscles.



There are many benefits to prenatal massage; it is known to decrease stress, reduce anxiety and symptoms of depression as well as maintain muscle wellness throughout your pregnancy. Prenatal massage addresses the discomfort pregnant women may experience due to hormonal changes throughout pregnancy. The therapist uses a light stroke called effleurage which will put a client in a relaxed state. Effleurage is known to help relieve some tension the client may have however the therapist is unable to apply a lot of pressure during a prenatal massage.


Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) uses light pressure and rhythmic movements to stimulate lymph flow. It is a safe, effective, yet gentle approach to cleansing the body’s tissues. MLD drains excess fluid from the tissues and also has a detoxifying effect. Individuals who have had a mastectomy or surgical procedure where lymph nodes have been removed are at higher risk for increased swelling and lymph accumulation in the area. Manual Lymphatic Drainage is all about moving fluid, and moving fluid requires a skillful touch, gentle manipulations of the skin and slow movements.

Individuals that suffer from any of the following may benefit from MLD:

  • individuals who frequently experience fluid retention
  • lymphedema
  • have sinusitis or seasonal allergies
  • irritable bowel syndrome
  • fibromyalgia
  • carpal tunnel syndrome, golfers/tennis elbow
  • easy bruising and edema


MLD can be used as part of a post-sports and post-injury RICE protocol when clients are unable to receive deep tissue or other massage that would be contraindicated.

Before or after surgery

Pre/post surgery as a way to prepare tissues for incision. MLD also promotes healing and tissue health post-surgery, helping prevent infection and complications.

For pain relief

MLD stimulates the vital functions of the skin, tissues and internal organs and also helps eliminate cellular waste and stimulate the parasympathetic relaxation response, inhibiting muscle tension and pain.


Oncology Massage

Oncology massage is a comfort care specialty service that considers the side effects that cancer patients may experience during cancer treatments. Massage therapy has been classified as a complementary service that is highly beneficial to people who have experienced a cancer diagnosis during their lifetime.

Whether you’ve just been diagnosed, are currently undergoing treatments, or have been cancer free for a period of time, massage therapy can help manage symptoms and get you back to your new normal. Oncology Massage will not claim to cure cancer but rather help reduce symptoms associated with certain treatments and medications. The overall goal with oncology massage is to work with your specialized medical team to provide care by helping to manage side effects, such as:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle Tension
  • Scar Tissue
  • Depression
  • Pain

An Oncology massage will take into account the client's current medications and how the body responds to them, adjusted positioning to accommodate surgical sites, medical hardware, treatment sites and other pathologies known to arise in individuals undergoing treatments.

A massage treatment plan will be discussed to promote the most beneficial results for the client. As the motto of oncology massage is to “do no harm” a progressive plan is ideal once the individual response to massage has been determined. Oncology massage starts with light, gentle pressure as the body may not respond the same to pressure once undergoing medical treatments.


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